Kingsway Forest :: Oshawa Ontario Canada :: The Evolution of Homebuilding
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Kingsway Forest :: Oshawa Ontario Canada :: The Evolution of Homebuilding

Lindsey James

Durham Custom Homes is a builder that imparts more than just a house to their customers. The customer service department at the Sales Centre creates a family-like atmosphere and is always eager to assist with questions and concerns. It is the general interest that the customer service department takes in their clients that sets Durham Custom Homes apart from other builders.

Moreover, the Energy Star® home produced by Durham Custom Homes further separates this builder from the competition. The Energy Star® home that my fiancé and I purchased allows us to save on heating and cooling costs, which is vitally important because of today's economic hardships. We have no doubts that the home we have purchased, and live in, is of the highest of qualities. The outstanding quality is evident throughout our home, reflected through the superior workmanship and products installed.

Throughout the entire home purchasing and building process, the employees of Durham Custom Homes worked closely with my fiancé and I, meeting all of our needs and going above and beyond to ensure that our wants were taken care of. They were flexible, dedicated, informative and hardworking.

Alex Carvajal & Sandra Spirito

When we first moved into the model home at Kingsway Forest we instantly fell in love with the house. We researched Durham Custom Homes and were very impressed with their EnergyStar compliance and care for the environment. We are now the envy of all of our family and friends. Our home is built with such craftsmanship and pride that it shows in every inch.

Durham Custom Homes is not only a top notch builder but everyone who works for Durham Custom Homes embodies pride in craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. We were very excited to hear that Durham Custom Homes had been awarded Durham Region's Builder of the Year. We completely support and are proud to be associated with such an amazing builder.

Darlene Thompson

When we first moved to our Energy Star® Home in Kingsway Forest, our friends and family immediately commented on how clean and extremely comfortable the air was in every room of the house - including our unfinished basement.

We also noticed that our son, who suffers from asthma, has had far fewer problems and is able to breathe better during the night. We believe that this is the direct result of the Heat Recovery Ventilator System, a standard feature that positively affects the way that air is circulated in our new home.

Our thanks to the professionals at Durham Custom Homes for their outstanding innovations - we absolutely love our new home.

Dennis and Melissa Radovic

They really were prepared to customize everything for us. The process was smooth and we are thrilled with the finished product. The energy efficiency features and lower environmental impact that our house will have was also a key factor in our buying decision. The natural resources of our planet are limited and we all have to do our part.