Kingsway Forest :: Oshawa Ontario Canada :: The Evolution of Homebuilding
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Kingsway Forest :: Oshawa Ontario Canada :: The Evolution of Homebuilding


Feb 11: "Taking green to the limit" (Toronto Sun)
Mar 2010: "Fiume, new president of Canadian Home Builders Association" (Oshawa This Week)
Dec 09: "A Foundation of Green for the Future" (Toronto Sun)
Dec 09: "Durham business presents gift to university." (
Nov 2009: "All-access homes" (Toronto Sun)
Oct 2009: "Green Builder of the Year" (Toronto Sun)
Sept 2009: "Shocking Energy Savings" (Toronto Sun)
June 2009: "It Must Be in the Genes" (Home Builder Magazine)
June 2009: "A Leader in Greenhouse Design" (Ontario Home Builder)
May 2009: "Durham Custom Homes Wins Builder of the Year" (New Homes)
Apr 2009: "Accessible Homes: The First of its Kind" (Sudbury Star)
Apr 2009: "First Fully Accessible Home built to GreenHouse standards" (New Homes)
Apr 2009: "Durham Custom Homes Completes First Fully Accessible GreenHouse" (OTW)
Apr 2009: "One lean, green accessible machine" (Toronto Sun)
Mar 2009: ''We will recover" (Toronto Sun)
Jan 2009: "Accessible New Homes" (Outspoken Magazine)
Jan 2009: "Durham Custom Homes takes home 3 awards..." (OTW)
Dec 2008: "Holiday Food Drive" (Oshawa This Week)
Nov 2008: "Builder goes for GreenHouse" (Toronto Star)
Oct 2008: "GreenHouse the next generation" (The Brockville Recorder and Times)
Oct 2008: "Ground breaking for Canada's first house built to GreenHouse standards" (New Homes)
Oct 2008: "A GreenWay of Building Homes" (Snap)
Sept 2008: "Durham Homes breaks ground with GreenHouse" (Oshawa This Week)
June 2008: "Durham Homes hosts Strawberry Brunch" (Oshawa This Week)
Apr 2008: "How to build a better EnergyStar home" (Toronto Sun)
Mar 2008: "EnergyStar Seminar" (Snap)
Feb 2008: "Customer Satisfaction keeps buyerscoming back" (Toronto Sun)
Sept 2007: "Durham Homes + EnergyStar = smart home buyers" (Toronto Sun)
Apr 2007: "Kingsway Forest: A Royal Retreat" (Toronto Sun)
Nov 2006: "Durham Homes help students build a future" (

Part 1 - Understanding Energy Star®: Introduction
Part 2 - Understanding Energy Star®: House Sealing
Part 3 - Understanding Energy Star®: Furnaces
Part 4 - Understanding Energy Star®: Furnace Ducting and Return Air Systems
Part 5 - Understanding Energy Star®: Heat Recovery Ventilators
Part 6 - Understanding Energy Star®: Windows
Part 7 - Understanding Energy Star®: Appliances
Part 8 - Understanding Energy Star®: Passive Solar Energy Techniques