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Kingsway Forest :: Oshawa Ontario Canada :: The Evolution of Homebuilding

Discover the green living difference

One of the challenges we all face is identifying ways that we can make a meaningful difference in terms of protecting the natural environment. At Durham Custom Homes our homes are built to both the Energy Star® and GreenHouse Certified Construction practices. Simply by purchasing one of our homes you are doing your part for the environment.

Every one of our homes incorporates the very latest in homebuilding innovations designed to maximize energy efficiencies and minimize environmental impact. And best of all our innovations mean you will have an exceptionally comfortable living environment throughout the entire year, so you never have to sacrifice comfort to save on energy costs. Discover the many benefits of green living today - and see how we really do build a better home.

Energy Star® construction allows you to save

When you buy an Energy Star® home you will immediately realize real cost savings with your heating and cooling bills. An Energy Star® home can save you hundreds of dollars per year in natural gas and electricity costs when compared to a typical home. That means the rewards of your Energy Star® home start the moment you move in and continue for many years to come.

A breath of fresh air

Energy Star® homes offer a host of standard features specifically designed to control, and even eliminate airborne particles and irritants, making our homes the perfect choice for those who value fresh, clean, exceptionally well-circulated air.

The interior temperature of your home can be closely monitored and adjusted to your particular health and comfort considerations, in a cost effective way. The energy efficient windows, added insulation, tighter building envelope, higher efficiency air conditioners and furnaces, and heat recovery ventilators we install allow an unprecedented level of comfort, convenience and quality control.

Part 1 - Understanding Energy Star®: Introduction
Part 2 - Understanding Energy Star®: House Sealing
Part 3 - Understanding Energy Star®: Furnaces
Part 4 - Understanding Energy Star®: Furnace Ducting and Return Air Systems
Part 5 - Understanding Energy Star®: Heat Recovery Ventilators
Part 6 - Understanding Energy Star®: Windows
Part 7 - Understanding Energy Star®: Appliances
Part 8 - Understanding Energy Star®: Passive Solar Energy Techniques


Protecting our environment

A GreenHouse certified home provides you with a fresher, healthier living environment with outstanding indoor air quality. It is also built to be less taxing on the environment through the use of more sophisticated building techniques, energy saving materials and by generating less construction waste.

A GreenHouse home is more comfortable, less expensive to run, and makes a positive difference in a host of very important ways that include:

  • Resource Management - Conserving our natural resources means optimizing the use of new materials and minimizing construction waste.
  • Energy Efficiency - Energy efficiency is the cornerstone of all green construction. GreenHouse will be at the heart of energy conservation.
  • Indoor Air Quality - GreenHouse provides an exceptionally healthy indoor living environment for your family.
  • Water Conservation - GreenHouse construction significantly reduces the demand that we place on the fresh water supply.

To learn more about the many benefits of a GreenHouse certified home contact Durham Custom Homes today.